The Pound at Leebotwood


Leebotwood, Nr. Church Stretton, Shropshire SY6 6ND Tel: 01694 751477


The Pound at Leebotwood is situated amongst a 15th Century half-timbered village located in the heart of the Shropshire Marches between Shrewsbury and Church Stretton. Built circa 1457 and founded as a drover’s hostelry it is dated as the oldest house in the village. The building became an inn in 1823 when the former Pound Inn was burnt down and since 2006 it is now known as The Pound.

The signage has portrayed more than one image over the years - either referring to the 15th century animal pound or to the one pound coin. The sign and emblem today refers to the gold sovereign - a one pound coin minted under the instruction of King Henry VII in 1489 in the same decade as the building of the Pound and following a major influx of gold into Europe from the Guinea Coast of Western Africa. The sovereign was the largest gold coin ever issued in England and is the favourite of coin collectors the world over.